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How to create a fragrance

We want to celebrate the launch of the new collection, composed of 4 fragrances, and we are thinking of doing an IG give-away draw per month, from September till December, this is 4 draws.

For it, we have thought of selecting 4 active perfume influencers with whom doing one draw per month. If you would like, we would be thrilled to do the first one, during September, with you. What do you think about it??

If you like the idea, we would be open to discuss with you the kind of draw (and not any contest), in terms of what to require to your followers to be part of the draw. We are thinking about something simple, like the typical “follow me (you), follow the brand, hashtag me and the brand… etc and that’s all) but it would be a draw managed by you and with your audience, so please feel free to suggest what you like, what you think is best for you and what you feel more comfortable with.

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