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Rodrigo Flores-Roux

A radiant and multifaceted floral symphony that is full of energy and natural beauty. 

It tells the story of the life cycle of a flower via a careful selection of the finest floral extracts and a hint of oriental

warmth in the finish.

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"I like observing flowers bloom, expand and exhale their last breaths. I can say that just like some people are bird watchers. I am a bloom watcher. My love for flowers is infinite, as I'm a botanist and I am Mexican (in my country, we love flowers way too much!) So for this symphonic floral perfume, I blissfully orchestrated my floral parts and pieces thinking of the natural life cycle of a flower: from the closed bud to its eclosion, its magnificent turgescence, its nocturnal exhalations, its languid fading away… and then the petals landing softly on the ground, exhausted but still redolent.


A very specific tuberose extract paired with a new quality of jasmine from Southern China provided the heart for this scent and the palpitations come from fine citrus essences and natural leafy accents. And just at the end, a hint of humanity appears, as an ambery, warm oriental accord works as a pedestal for this multifloral beauty.”



Clementine essence Florida

Blackcurrant bud absolute Burgundy

Violet leaf absolute Egypt ORPUR



Jasmine Imperial absolute China ORPUR*

Honeysuckle accord

Tuberose Natsublim extract*


Benzoin tears absolute Laos ORPUR

Vanilla tincture Commores*

Labdanum resin Andalucía

OLFACTORY FAMILY:   Floral, citrus, ambery

*denotes Givaudan specialty products.

#luminous  #ultrafloral  #petalfreshenss  #dewcovere

#honeysuckle  #sprigoftuberose  #benzointears


In this case, the name was born in a very natural way, since due to the tuberose and jasmine accord, plus clementine and violet, the perfume was very luminous from the beginning, very radiant.

The final name is an adaptation of the term “Radiante” in Spanish, the original name from the perfumer.

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