Wilgermain is a luxury perfume house that was founded far away from fashion and trends with the aim of satisfying many different lifestyles, from that of the most demanding fragrance aficionado to that of the individual buying a quality scent for the first time, as it offers a carefully curated collection of exceptional fragrances conceived to cover a broad range of fragrant themes.


Deeply imbued with the tastes and character of both Paris and New York, the house as well as each one of its scents found their inspiration in these two cities. The City of Lights and the Big Apple are the unquestionable muses of the brand.


With an international scope and a will to become universal, each detail of Wilgermain’s fragrances has been thoughtfully conceived and has been entirely produced in both Europe and the USA by traditional artisans using environmentally friendly components.


Genuine, unique and unexpected

Experiential storytelling

Genderless, rich and contemporary olfactive offerings

Only best-in-class, hard to find and exclusive aromatic raw materials

Absolute, unabashed luxury



Wilgermain expresses itself via a specific and personal taste for design, precision and ultimate detail and, as such, its packaging was conceived in unison with the tenets that also dictated the blending of the scents, resulting in both parts speaking a coherent, clear and luxury-oriented common language that delivers a unique olfactive experience, both individual and universal.


Just as all of Wilgermain’s fragrances are made with the finest aromatics, an Italian top-quality glass bottle, carefully polished and hand finished, holds them and make them gleam and reflect the light in an unusual way due to the purity and weight of the glass.


A refined Zamak-5 cap, handmade and polished one by one, designed with a shape reminiscent of the bolts and screws that keep together both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Eiffel Tower tops it all.


Modernity, high design, abstraction and historical references, all encompassed in one mere design created by Luis Blanc, one of the most renowned Spanish brand and product designers.


Wilgermain is the brainchild of Francisco Gratacós, a man who is passionate about art, design and perfumery.


Francisco was specialized in business management when a new project lead him to work with perfumes by the hand of one of the greatest Spanish perfumers. This was in fact the beginning of an exciting journey. Beyond business, he had found a way to merge his three passions, so he decided to dive fully into the fragrance world.


After years helping well-known niche perfume brands, Francisco decided to materialize his ideas creating a high-end fragrance house.


With a strong desire for originality and quality, he enrolled a great friend, the world-renowned master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux and, after many exchanges of ideas, Wilgermain was created and thrives as an olfactive expression of this happy encounter of thoughts.


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