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Passion Victim


Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Sensual, unctuous and velvety, this fragrance evolves and spirals like a volute of smoke.

An opulent floral heart add to the intrigue and the attraction is no other than fatal.  


“Ambery notes are a very important theme in the work of any perfumer. Constructing a modern amber is no easy task, though. You want it to be voluminous without being heavy, very warm without being too sweet, very sensual without being dirty.

Pairing the usual suspects of vanilla, rockrose (Cistus ladanifer) and frankincense with rich floral notes was the easy part: I wanted this oriental ambery fragrance to be acrobatic and exaggerated, yet refined, so I contrasted the accord with juicy mandarin and crisp cypress essence.

A slightly retro feeling invades us: the image of a mysterious lady walking in the dark streets of Paris during the Roaring Twenties come to mind... It's midnight and she leaves behind a trail of seduction, tantalizing and sinful... or was the man she seduced the wearer and his fragrance just impregnated her fringed dress?"

FIRMA_RODRIGO white_edited.png


Mandarin essence winter/yellow Sicily ORPUR

Cypress essence France ORPUR

Cistus concrete essence Andalucia ORPUR*


Jasmine absolute Egypt ORPUR

Rose Intrigante Scenttrek*

Frankincense essence Ethiopia


New amber accord

Sandalwood accord

Vanilla bean absolute Mexico

OLFACTORY FAMILY:   Ambery, woody, floral

*denotes Givaudan specialty products.

#sizzlinghot  #enveloping  #voracious  #superamber  #roseIntrigue

#frankincense  #Mexican vanillabeans


In perfumery there is nothing as sexy as amber. It is a typical partner in crime of any perfume that pretends to be honeyed, close, seductive. Looking for a name for this fragrance, that was daring but not vulgar, and playing with many letters referring to the concept of "Fashion Victim", Francisco and Rodrigo got the name "Passion Victim", because whoever that loves this perfume, will not change it for another easily...

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