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Meet the founder


Wilgermain is the brainchild of Francisco Gratacós, a man who is passionate about art, design and perfumery.


From his studies in psychology, Francisco was always aware of the importance of olfactory memory, not only from a human evolution perspective, but especially from its role in the association and memory of emotions, that is why he always had a special sensitivity for perfumes and their ability to evoke memories.


Regardless his background training, Francisco specialized in business management when he met in 2007 one of the greatest Spanish perfumers, with whom he began to work a few years later in the creation of his luxury perfume brand. This was in fact the beginning of an exciting journey; beyond business, Francisco had found a way to merge his three passions, so he decided to dive fully into the fragrance world.

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After years helping well-known niche perfume brands, Francisco decided to materialize his ideas creating a high-end fragrance house and taking their own personal experiences as inspiration.

For it, he took his vital experience when he lived in Paris during his stage in High School and years later when he lived in New York during his professional career. From both stages, Francisco lived two different forms of lifestyle, two different ways of understanding luxury and also knew two different schools of perfumery, ultimately two different worlds that Francisco wanted to merge when creating Wilgermain with the aim of obtaining a brand that it was classic but modern, minimalist but rich in details, and with complex and qualitative perfumes but easy to understand and wear.


To make it all come true, and with a strong desire for originality and quality, he enrolled the master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, with whom he developed the first fragrances for the house.

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