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As a company deeply concerned about the environment, we are committed to ensuring that all the materials we use to create our products are produced in a way that respects both people and the environment.


We work in partnership exclusively with European suppliers and local artisanal manufacturers to transform the way we create new value to be shared by all, pursuing a set of practices to ensure that our final products are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly. We are also committed to a responsible sourcing system, as well as a long-term business relationship with suppliers.


Of all the elements that make up our products, the most important and delicate ones are the oils, not only because of the way they are obtained and synthesized, and its relationship with the environment and good manufacturing practices, but also because of their interaction with the skin of our consumers.​

At Wilgermain, we develop all our perfumes exclusively with Givaudan, the world's leading company in the development of fragrances and flavors, a business group highly aware of and involved in caring for the environment and all the people who live in it.

Only sharing that same vision, mission and values regarding the environment, Wilgermain and Givaudan collaborate exclusively in the creation of all the fragrances of the house.


At Givaudan, sustainability means protecting our planet, colleagues, customers and consumers, and safeguarding the future of our business. They know that we can only live up to their Company purpose of ‘creating happier, healthier lives with love for nature’ if sustainability becomes an integral part of their everyday work. 

As their business grows, they must continue to act as a force for good in the world, working closely with their customers to meet their needs for more sustainable solutions and products, against the backdrop of a growing demand from society.

Although they still have work to do, they have a lot to be proud of. Their ground-breaking innovations are bringing them

closer to a climate positive future. They aspire to have a positive impact on society and the environment, whether through their products, practices or profits. This aspiration requires whole supply chain collaboration, vigilance, bold action and accountability. To ensure that they continue to make progress and focus our efforts, they have set specific targets under each of their four sustainability pillars: CreationsNaturePeople and Communities.

Their commitment to delivering on these targets and ambitions is central to their business. Givaudan's Board of Directors plays an important oversight role in setting this agenda and targets, while their Executive Committee leads their overall strategic direction and is accountable for reaching their ambitions and targets.


You can read more about Givaudan's governance purpose, sustainability and in their 2022 Sustainability Report


For further information about our corporate social responsability, please contact us at


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