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Meet the perfumer



Rodrigo Flores-Roux was born in Mexico 50 years ago and has been attracted to perfumes since he was a child. After completing his studies in Biology, he enrolled at ISIPCA, the perfumery school in Versailles, where he completed an internship with Jean-Claude Ellena.


With more than 30 years of professional scent blending under his belt, Rodrigo is a multi-award winning perfumer and his skill has been recognized with several FiFi Awards among others. Furthermore, his work has been inducted into important best-of lists in the Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame.

Currently, Rodrigo is Vice President of Fragrance Creation at Givaudan, lives in Manhattan, enjoys museum going and fine dining there, craves the occasional cigar and is, as ever, a newsaholic that is keenly aware of the latest trends, news and happenings.

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Olfactory language

Rodrigo's perfume style oscillates naturally between big and expressive compositions that are rich in multi-layered details... and simple almost brutalist harmonies constructed with willingly short formulas using only a few strokes of high voltage energy.

A lover of citrus aromas, he also delights himself playing with rich nocturnal florals, opulent ambery resins and, of course, leather notes, as he's also well-known for donning black leather clothes almost every day; he wears them with style and relish.


A journalist once described Rodrigo as a neoclassicist. He agrees, albeit a bit reluctantly. "It's true that I amuse myself in referencing classic perfumes, as my archival interest for vintage perfumery is enormous. But what good would it be if we only spent our time reconstructing the past? I say: Let's learn from it and then take a quantum leap into the future!"

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